How important is getting a listing at the right price, the right terms, and the right time for marketing?

Well, it’s very important, in fact, it’s a critical mix necessary to have a listing sell. Do we want to get listings or do we want to get listings that sell! So, an overpriced listing is the kiss of death in real estate. Properties will get stale, shop warn, and will only sell for less than it would have, if you would have listed it right the first time. Don’t use AVMs to get the price. Do an old-fashioned CMA and then check it against the AVM. Make sure that you are getting the right commission for the task. You work hard and you are worth the commission.

Learn how to present your services to customers in order to show your value and justify the commission. In your market area, what is the average time on the market? If the average time is six months, then get the listing to cover that time! Why would you take a listing for a shorter time than the average? Are you hoping to relist it when it expires? This is a weak approach and sometimes backfires. Be strong; don’t buckle under pressure! Learn to explain why you need the time on the market in order to complete your marketing plan in order to sell the property. Remember: The right price, right terms, and right time on the market!

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