Wow! Where did the time go?

You know I started the day with my to do list, and now that the day has ended, only half of the items are completed. Did you ever have days like that? I’m sure that you have.

Let me share with you some ideas so this doesn’t happen to you.

First, identify what I call time wasters. Doing other people’s work. Long coffee breaks. Personal chores on work time. You get it.

Second, try to find out what or who prevented you from completing your tasks. Avoid extended conversations that are not work oriented.

Third, review your day, and see where you went off your schedule. You might create a time log to see what you are doing at any given time. Fourth, try to resolve the issue by not falling prey to the time wasters that you have identified. It is critical that you use your time wisely. You need to concentrate on prospecting. Contacting your sphere of influence. Staying in touch with past and present customers. You need to spend your time on income-generating activities and not on time wasters. Make a time plan and stick to it! It’s in your best interest to spend your time wisely, and don’t allow others to spend your time!

If you would like more information contact me. Like, I’m Ric Giumenta. You can have a good day or a bad day. It’s your choice. Make good choices.

See you next time!